New South Wales Chess Association Inc.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 28 November 2015


Meeting: The meeting was held in the Ryedale Room, Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde, NSW commencing at 2.40pm.


Council members: Bill Gletsos, Norman Greenwood, Rob Watson, Peter Abbott, Jonathan Adams, Julian Kuan.

Other members: Clive Ng, Christopher Ball, Arthur Huynh, Robert Keast, Nigel Harte, John Tran, Sami Ullah, Ralph Shaw, Herman Rachmadi, Gareth Charles.

1. Welcome and apologies

Bill Gletsos as president and chairman declared the meeting open at 2.40 pm and welcomed members to the meeting.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from Richard Gastineau-Hills, David Webster, Patrick Keuning and Tom Accola.

2. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous annual general meeting

The minutes of the 2014 annual general meeting were available at the meeting and had been on the NSWCA website for some months.

Motion: That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 29 November 2014 be accepted and signed as a correct and true record (moved Jonathan Adams, seconded Peter Abbott) Carried.

3. President’s report

Bill Gletsos gave a verbal presidential report in which he highlighted the following matters:

o   Australia Day Weekender – The event attracted 40 participants, a drop from 68 the previous year.

o   NSW Open – the participants were 110, being 18 less than the previous year. It was jointly won by Max Illingworth and Anton Smirnov. The tournament had moved to a new venue, the Chatswood Club in Chatswood. Feedback from those that attended was positive so it was planned to use the same venue for 2016.

o   Ryde-Eastwood Open – The event attracted 69 participants, 15 up on the previous year.

o   State Championship – This was a closed event comprising a 10-player round robin of a strong field of players. Max Illingworth won with a score of 8 from 9. It is the 4th time Max has won the title. Anton Smirnov was second with 7.5.

o   City of Sydney Championship – This event had 40 participants, down 14 from the previous year.

o   St George Open – This event attracted 27 participants, being 3 down on the previous year. The council does not intend to continue with this tournament in 2016 as the numbers have been dropping consistently since it was first introduced.

o   NSW Rapid – This event had 44 participants, up 10 from the previous year.

o   City of Sydney Rapid - This event had 36 participants, up 2 from the previous year.

Membership numbers reached 538 which is broken down as follows:

Members                               409 (including 13 Life members)

Registered Players              129

Total                                     538

The profit for the year was $997. Cash reserves are just over 97k. The treasurer will be reporting more fully on the financial statements.

Bill Gletsos thanked all council members for their work and effort during the year.

Motion: That the President’s Report be accepted (moved Robert Keast, seconded Nigel Harte) Carried.

4. Treasurer’s report

The financial report comprising the statement of financial position at 31 July 2015 (balance sheet) and statement of financial performance for the year ended 31 July 2015 (statement of income & expenditure) had been circulated to members present.

The report showed that the association had made a modest gain of $997 (compared with loss of $5,436 in the previous year. The main contributors to this were:

Š       both income (tournament entry fees) and expenditure (tournament expenses) are substantially reduced because no loss-making SIO/SIC tournament in 2015.

Š       increased members’ subscriptions (increase of $1,125)


Income reductions:

Š       ACF grant for SIO of $2,000 and sponsorship of SIO $4,000 in 2014 not applicable to 2015.

Š       Term deposit interest down $2,332 is a timing difference as substantial interest was received shortly after balance date.


Expenditure reductions:

Š       DGT boards purchased in 2014 – reduction $2,056

Š       donation to Olympiad fund $1,000 in 2014 only

Š       mail-out costs are less by $1,533.


Other notes:

Š       substantial liquid resources continue to be maintained

Š       the NSWCA temporarily paid the Australian Open prizes (~$20k) before being reimbursed by the ACF.

Motion: That the treasurer’s report be accepted (moved Robert Keast, seconded Julian Kuan) Carried.

5. Other office bearers’ reports

Club liaison officer’s report

If numbers are sufficient, the U2100 Grade Match division competition will again be held at the Cabravale Diggers club in 2016.

6. Notice of motion: That the words in section 4.II of the constitution “Publicity Officer,” be removed and the words “one other member” be replaced by “two other members”.

Moved by: Jonathan Adams; seconded: Robert Keast. In favour: unanimous. Carried

7. Determination of annual membership fees for 2016

The president recommended to the meeting that the fees remain the same as the previous year, as follows:


Full member                                             30

Country members                                      10

Not a member previously                            10

Non-member registered player (no voting
  rights and cannot play in NSWCA events)   10

Concession                                               20

There would be no club affiliation fees in 2016.

Motion: That the club affiliation fees be abolished and the membership fees remain the same as the previous year (moved Nigel Harte, seconded Chris Ball) Carried.

7. Election of office bearers for 2015/2016

Bill Gletsos declared all council positions vacant. It was agreed that Bill Gletsos would remain the chair to conduct the election of president for 2015/2016.


There were no other nominations. Carried.

Bill Gletsos declared himself elected president.


There were no other nominations. Carried.


There were no other nominations. Carried.


There were no other nominations. Carried.


There were no other nominations. Carried.


There were no other nominations. Carried.

Communications officer

There were no other nominations. Carried.

Club liaison officer

There were no other nominations. Carried.

Country representative

There were no other nominations. Carried.

Ratings officer

There were no other nominations. Carried.

Member without portfolio 1

There were no other nominations. Carried.

Member without portfolio 2

There were no other nominations. Carried.

Tournaments officer

There were no nominations, so position is vacant.

8. Appointment of auditor

Motion: That Ross A Hamilton, Chartered Accountant be appointed auditor for the ensuing year (Proposed Robert Keast, seconded Peter Abbott) Carried.

9. Appointment of appeals committee

Motion: That the NSWCA appeals committee be:

Alternatives – Robert Keast and Peter Cassettari.

(Proposed Jonathan Adams, seconded Nigel Harte) Carried.

10. Other business

1.     Julian Kuan asked whether the NSW Blitz can be considered to be first tournament of 2016 so players joining at it are not disadvantaged by its lateness in the year. Noted that (1) Players can join at the NSW Blitz for $10 if they also pre-pay for 2016. (2) the same consideration would then apply to the Ryde-Eastwood Open, then to the previous tournament, etc.

2.     E-Mail received from John Robielle regarding costs for country members of playing in the NSW Open. Can the NSWCA arrange cheap accommodation for country members attending such tournaments? This is not something the NSWCA can do much about, however we can provide lists of cheap accommodation near tournament venues. Action: JK or JA will respond accordingly.

Closure of Meeting

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed at 3.35 pm.

Confirmed as a correct record.


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