2017 U1500 Grade Match Draw

Venue is that of the first named team except where stated otherwise.

NB: Captains can agree on alternative venues and dates as long as they are before the scheduled date below. UTS cannot play on 15-30 June due to exams. Their games can be played later.

Round 1

Monday 22nd May

Rooty Hill vs UTS

Harbord vs Norths

Cabra-Vale B vs Cabra-Vale A

Ryde-Eastwood has the bye

Round 2

Wednesday 31st May

UTS vs Cabra-Vale A

Ryde-Estwood vs Cabra-Vale B

Rooty Hill vs Harbord (at Ryde-Eastwood)

Norths has the bye

Round 3

Monday 5th June

Harbord vs Ryde-Eastwood

Cabra-Vale B vs UTS

Wednesday 7th June (at Ryde-Eastwood)

Cabra-Vale A vs Norths

Rooty Hill has the bye

Round 4

Wednesday 14th June

Norths vs Cabra-Vale B (at Ryde-Eastwood)

UTS vs Harbord

Ryde-Eastwood vs Rooty Hill

Cabra-Vale A has the bye

Round 5

Monday 19th June

Cabra-Vale B vs Rooty Hill

Cabra-Vale A vs Ryde-Eastwood

Tuesday 20th June

Norths vs UTS (postponed due to Uni exams - To be played before 7th July)

Harbord has the bye

Round 6

Monday 26th June

Rooty Hill vs Cabra-Vale A

Wednesday 28th June (at Ryde-Eastwood)

Ryde Eastwood v Norths

Harbord vs Cabra-Vale B

UTS has the bye

Round 7

Wednesday 5th July

Cabra-Vale A vs Harbord (at Ryde-Eastwood)

Norths vs Rooty Hill (at Ryde-Eastwood)

UTS vs Ryde-Eastwood

Cabra-Vale B has the bye



After 7 rounds the top 4 teams go into finals

Round 8 - Starts week of 10th July

Tuesday 11th July

Norths vs Harbord

Wednesday 12th July

Ryde Eastwood vs UTS

Round 9

Wednesday 19th July

Ryde Eastwood vs Harbord

UTS vs Norths

Round 10

Monday 24th July

Harbord vs UTS

Tuesday 25th July

Norths vs Ryde Eastwood